A Credit without bank.

Trucredit as an alternative to the bank

Trucredit as an alternative to the bank

Trucredit is an online platform for personal loans. Borrowers and investors will be able to make private money lending and money lending. Security is ensured by a strong cooperation partner: the Intrasavings Bank, which has more than 50 years of experience in consumer credit. In addition to normal personal loans as with the bank Trucredit loans are possible despite (negative) Credit bureau and loans for the self-employed.

The functionality of Trucredit is similar to that of an auction platform : Trucredit allows people to privately lend money to other people or to get a personal loan from other people. The borrower benefits from lower interest rates compared to the bank.

Trucredit without Credit bureau in the competition comparison:

Trucredit without Credit bureau in the competition comparison:

The bank-independent SME-Crediter team analyzes monthly loan providers on the Internet: Trucredit is compliant with the German Geofoundation : 

  • Loan amounts of 1,000 to 50,000 USD
  • Credit also for self-employed, entrepreneurs and freelancers!
  • Possibility of individual presentation of the project (which does not allow a bank)
  • often lower interest rates than a traditional bank!
  • often also lower interest rates than with online credit banks and intermediaries
  • Duration between 12 to 84 months
  • Absolutely discreet: your employer and your bank can not find out!
  • Free quote in 24 hours!

Trucredit has clear advantages over online loan intermediaries

auxmoney has clear advantages over online loan intermediaries

At Trucredit, loan seekers can present their loan application on an online credit marketplace and justify it in detail. The latter proves to be a big advantage compared to purely online credit intermediaries such as Credit-mono, Maxcredit and Pixocredit. Individuals or private investors as investors then select whether the applicant appears credible to them and with what amount they want to support the project. These can also be smaller sums.

At Trucredit there is a real discussion between loan seekers and private investors, which is not possible with online credit intermediaries. This is particularly important for people with special credit needs and problems, as well as self-employed and founders with projects requiring explanation. In this way, new and forward-looking projects can usually be financed more easily with Trucredit than via online loans or conventional bank loans.

Conclusion: With Trucredit, even people with special credit requirements and also self-employed people have a real chance of getting a loan, which would otherwise have little chance with banks. For founders, young entrepreneurs and freelancers, Trucredit has established itself as an alternative financing option in recent years.

Trucredit Geofoundation compliant

Auxmoney Stiftung Warentest compliant

Trucredit meets the Geofoundation requirements: transparency, seriousness, free and non-binding offer, no hidden fees and additional products such as insurance.

Are there any alternatives to Trucredit?

Are there any alternatives to Auxmoney?

Yes there is! Our recommendations include Trucredit, the comparison portal smava and the credit intermediaries Creditist, Credit-mono and Pixocredit and Maxcredit!

What few credit seekers know:

What few credit seekers know:

  1. Expensive loans can be replaced without the consent of the house bank and replaced by cheaper loans!
  2. From now on, Credit-mono arranges loans without Credit bureau up to 7,500 USD. Anyone who fulfills the credit requirements without Credit bureau can now top up existing loans without Credit bureau.
  3. Credit-mono has been ranked number 1 in Swiss credit ranking for months.
  4. Opportunity for tenants without equity: The Swiss voucher loan enables real estate loans without equity and bad Credit bureau!
  5. Credit-mono’s entrepreneurial loan has been ranked number one in the bridging loan ranking for months.

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