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Credit-mono: your questions – our answer!

Credit-mono: your questions - our answer!

Who is Mono Loan?

The company Credit-one is a credit intermediary, works independently of the banks and looks for the best credit for you for free. Credit-one has over 45 years of experience and is Germany’s market leader for non-credit bureau loans, even in difficult cases where the bank has already declined the credit application), Credit-one has a real chance of getting one Loans on reasonable terms.

What are the requirements for a loan?

Only 3 conditions must be met by borrowers:

  1. Age: of age, otherwise no age restriction
  2. Residence in Germany
  3. regular income (employees, civil servants, pensioners, self-employed)

People without a regular income (unemployed, Hartz IV, entrepreneurs, students, housewives) need a second co-applicant who meets the above criteria.

A negative credit bureau entry is usually not a problem!

How do I receive a non-binding offer?

To receive your free loan offer as soon as possible, please submit a free loan application online (click here).

Then sit back and let the credit experts at Credit-one find the best deal for you.

Your free loan offer is completely non-binding – that is, you alone decide whether to accept it or not. For the banks, however, the offer is binding. As a prospective loaner, you can therefore rely on the terms and conditions in your personal loan offer to actually apply and be agreed in the same way in the loan agreement.

What are the advantages compared to the house bank?

What are the advantages compared to the house bank?

There are several advantages:

  1. The best loan offer of up to 20 banks!
    Credit-one is looking for the best possible offer from now more than 20 banks in Germany and abroad and thus guarantees you the best conditions for your instant loan.
  2. No annoying and tedious walk to the bank!
    The credit brokerage process at Credit-one runs 100% over the Internet. The customer spares himself the nerve-racking audition at his house bank, often in the role of petitioner. At Credit-one, the customer is king, as it should be self-evident.
  3. Credit possible even if the house bank has already refused!
    The cooperation with many smaller and customer-oriented partner banks abroad makes it possible to handle loans even in difficult cases (eg credit bureau problems) uncomplicated.
  4. Offer convenient, secure and fast by mail and email
    You will receive a free and non-binding offer and you can check it at your own home. For Pixocredit, the offer submitted to you is binding!
  5. Fast processing often within 24 hours!
    With more than 45 years of instant internet loan experience, Credit-one has optimized its workflows so well that the initial review process is completed in seconds, and you are immediately notified by e-mail about the next steps. In some cases we even allow instant loan within 24 hours!
  6. Important: Your credit bureau score remains unchanged!
    With the free offer preparation by Credit-mono your scores will not be affected by the credit bureau authority.

What are the risks associated with the loan request?

What are the risks associated with the loan request?

Your request and the quotation are absolutely free and non-binding for you at Credit-one. Of course, if no loan can be offered or if you do not want to accept the offer, you will not pay anything. With Credit-mono there are no initial costs, certainly not hidden costs via insurance contracts as with many other partially unfair sellers. Mono-credit will not send you annoying agents and we will not bother you on the phone.

Why is it possible for Credit-one to provide a loan even in difficult cases (eg negative credit bureau)?

Why is it possible for Mono-Kredit to provide a loan even in difficult cases (eg negative credit bureau)?

It is the core competence of Mono Loans to lend even when other banks have already turned down loans. This is possible due to the cooperation with many smaller and partner banks abroad, which work uncomplicated, customer-oriented and without the criterion of credit bureau the credit request of the customers!

How does the loan brokerage run from the customer’s point of view?

How does the loan brokerage run from the customer

Faster and easier is hardly possible:

  1. You create a free loan request (duration: 2 minutes). Finished!
  2. Afterwards let the experts of Credit-one find the best offer of up to 20 banks.

The further steps are always in writing by email or post.
You can always read all documents comfortably and in peace at home (no sales visits!).

The complete offer preparation for your loan is 100% free. Even if no loan can be offered or if you do not like the offer – you pay nothing!

When will the loan be disbursed?

When will the loan be disbursed?

Fast processing is the top priority at Credit-one!
You will receive a written loan offer within 24 hours by mail or email. If the first bank partners refuse your loan application and further negotiations are required, it may take 2-3 working days in individual cases. The offer is clearly worded and easy to understand – term, monthly installments and effective interest rate are clearly stated. After return and final examination, you will receive your money by bank transfer.

How is Credit-one competitive?

The bank-independent SME-Crediter team analyzes monthly credit without credit bureau providers on the Internet and publishes the result monthly in the credit without credit bureau ranking. Credit-one has been ranked # 1 for months. Additional checks from neutral rating agencies:

What is the Mono Loan without credit bureau Secret!

What is the Mono Loan without credit bureau Secret!

With Credit-one 95% of all cases a normal loan is possible, even if the customer explicitly asks for a loan without credit bureau! More on this: Credit-mono without credit bureau secret!

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